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During our excursions, we will bring you closer to the country as authentically as possible and, if desired, also show the "real life" with all its advantages and disadvantages.
Of course, we also offer private transfers, VIP transfer at the airport, hotel to the hotel, etc. on offer; Send us an e-mail with your details and you will get an unbeatable offer.
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What our Customers say

01/21/2018 - 19:59

Danke für die schönen Auflüge, Buchen beim nächsten mal wieder über euch.
Familie Sommer

10/30/2017 - 17:02

Der Ausflug nach Samana und zur Bacardi Insel, war wunderbar. Durch eine Super Begleitung und Führung durch Robert, haben wir uns bestens betreut gefühlt. Auch der Bus Transfer mit dem sichersten und umsichtigsten Busfahrer, war sehr gut. Trotz Regen bei der Überfahrt mit den Katameranen nach Samana hatte wir ein tolles und empfehlenswertes Erlebnis. Die Buggy-Tour war für uns ebenfalls ein besonderes Erlebnis. Wir sagen herzlichen Dank an Robert und das Team von Maxi Tours.

10/28/2017 - 13:41

Danke Robert für den tollen Tag.
Ich kann den Ausflug " YUMA MAXI" nur weiterempfehlen.. wir haben sooo viel gelernt über das tolle Land.

Average: 4.9 (587 Bewertungen)

Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is an island state in the Caribbean, its independence reached the country in 1844, more precisely on 27 February 1844 from Haiti. The location is located east to center on the Antilles island, the western part belongs to Haiti and over four distributed borders the people also get from there to the Dominican Republic. The official language is Spanish, but is often crossed by the Latin words. The weather is considered pleasant, although it is the Caribbean, the temperatures often move comfortably in the 25 to 27 degree sector. In order to reach the Dominican Republic, it takes about 10 flight hours depending on the location.

Dominican Republic - the flight to the dreamland of the Caribbean begins

The place is taken, the machine is started, the head lies relaxed, the seat is placed on lying mode. Slowly close the eyes and Punta Cana, the goal of the flight appears as an accompanying dream image and will extend over the travel period.

Punta Cana - sun, palm trees and lots of sea

Punta Cana is a tourist place. The hotels here offer the flair of the South Seas and are always surrounded by palm trees, which are light in the wind. The vegetation follows one to the wide beaches and these allow the feet to soften in the soft sand. The way to the sea is usually somewhat longer than on the Baltic, because the beaches are wide and long. Everyone finds his quiet place just for himself. And if you want to do it sportily, you can participate in volleyball and other activities. The water lures with gentle waves, which run quietly at the beach edge.

The "new" antiquity of the region

Whom so much of tranquility seems too much, it makes its way to the province of La Romana to visit the 16th century village built after. A journey that is worthwhile, alone the origins of Altos de Chavon is a small miracle in itself. By blasting to build a road, there were tons of rock, as the two filmmakers Charles Bluhdorn and Roberto Copa came up with the idea of ​​building a part of antiquity. This was then done in 1976 and was finished in 1980. The amphitheater there offers to the 5000 seats and who is not yet and who wants to enrich his holiday with romance can marry in the village church of St. Stanislaus. But this should also be possible for couples who want to reaffirm their love through a renewed "yes".


You can already look forward to the beautiful beaches, where you can walk endlessly. It is possible to enjoy the sun on the beach at any time of the year. Also remote from the hotel beaches are isolated bays and natural beaches. Contact us.

Peace is on the golf course, the adventure in the Spielcasino

To experience something and without hustle and bustle, this leads to a Cap Cana with its extensive golf course. Under the glances of the bright sun and the sky blue the next hours pass by the golf game. If you need a bit of nerve kitzing, you can expect the game of the Casino Punta Cana from 19.00 clock until the early morning. Roulette, blackjack and other well-known gambling games are waiting for your money, or you go as a winner out there. Out into the stars clear night, which gently changes over the day, you spend in the still softly warm sand and look at the now dark blue to the black shining sea. The moon is saying good-bye to the water and timidly, and a little sleazy, the first rays of sunshine glitter. Time for a refreshment, time for a good breakfast. There are currently 25,000 hotel rooms in Punta Cana, equivalent to almost half the population of 54,000. There is certainly found the right one of you.

All good - if only not the "annoying" Buszubringer would be

But you can still doze in your plane Punta Cana. The place that owns its own airfield. Unfortunately, the pleasure is often marred by the fact that at least once the luggage is stowed away and then the search for a suitable appearing seat in the tourist bus is announced. Alone this crush to get into the bus at all makes some want to return to the quiet plane. It should not be forgotten that these are still overtaken in this status and that the travelers have a long, but quiet flight behind them. Alone the thought of exposing himself to this stress, even if admittedly dull, lets the passenger escape a small groan of his lips. But the mind is reporting that it is no different. Or does it? - An inner compulsion leads the hand into the jacket pocket and fingers grab a card. The view again conjures a satisfied smile in the face. This time, you will not be among the tourists who will sit down on the bus with sweat and stiffness. No, this time expect something else, something special, the Punta Cana Airport Transfer.

Individually, quite private and with the special service in the hotel drove

The Punta Cana Airport Transfer brings the holidaymaker personally to his hotel. Quite simply called in advance or mailed. Already a friendly driver is ready to welcome individual travelers, couples, families or even small groups. Of course, the transportation via the Punta Cana Airport Transfer does not take place together with the examples given, no every booking at the airport transfer is executed individually. What a sunny view, not having to climb into a bus with his suitcases and tired children. On arrival, the luggage is simply used to the car, but this is not done by itself, but the driver does this for his passenger.

Solo or together - the beautiful feeling of being a tourist

Even travelers or couples are looking forward to an individual journey to the hotel at the Punta Cana Airport Transfer. In the beautifully named car, the holidaymaker experiences something very special, on request to his questions about the place Punta Cana a lot and explained. The tips of the Punta Cana Airport Transfer turn out to be a gold value. Because after reaching his accommodation can be immediately released. With the abundant information you can put your insider tips into action. Even the ride itself with the Punta Cana Airport Transfer can be done quickly or even times with small intermediate stations. Everyone can enjoy this luxury at the Punta Cana Airport Transfer. And then there is the prospect of seeing his nice driver again. Of course he will take you on time and comfortably to the airfield. But also during the stay in the Dominican Republic further trips with the Punta Cana Airport transfer can be booked and discussed. Once a vacation and this should be the then as relaxed as possible, in the beginning creates this claim your airline and from arrival the Maxi Center takes the form of the Punta Cana Airport transfer this task.

When are you coming?

A jog, a shake, a sigh of relief, the machine has landed and lo and behold, it was not a dream, there he really stands and smiles at you, grabs the luggage and you get in, your vacation begins now.

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